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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Value Of Strategic Annual Planning

To get the most value from your next strategic annual planning process, this article describes a number of “best practices,” which have been proven over many years, in many different organizations.

Here’s a quick “sanity check” quiz to determine the value of your organization’s current strategic planning process:

  • Does our process produce a plan that's "real?"
  • Is our plan "strategic?"
  • Do we have adequate external focus?
  • Do we make sufficient use of outsiders?
  • Does our plan really work for the organization?
  • Is our plan actionable?
  • Is anybody doing anything?
  • Are we getting lost in executing tactics, but missing the big picture?

BOTTOMLINE: Not sure of the answers to these questions? Then it’s time to talk with your local Six Disciplines Leadership Center.

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