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Friday, December 08, 2006

Change Management - Communicating Change

Business improvement methods (regardless of which ones are approved, undertaken or adopted) involve an important element of change management that is often overlooked: communication.

According to this CEO Refresher article "Management's Guide to Communicating Change,":

  • When an organization embarks on any new project, or simply attempts to change established processes or procedures, inevitably it will encounter resistance from individuals as well as formal groups.
  • Resistance is a normal, not an abnormal reaction by human beings. does the leader assure that the strategies and plans have an opportunity for success?

One important piece of the puzzle is in putting together a communication/marketing effort that will do the following five things.

  1. Present the right message
  2. Present it to the right people
  3. Present it at the right time
  4. Present it using the right media (method of delivery)
  5. Present it with the right person (who delivers the message)

Sounds simple.....but it's a critical element of change management - and often overlooked, misunderstood, or ignored.

BOTTOMLINE: Read the rest of this important change management communications article here.

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