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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Role of The Individual Plan

Over at Gautam Ghosh on Management, Guatum brings the following positives to performance management (or the performance appraisal/review/people management process):

  1. It helps to review an organization/group/team or individual's performance
  2. It helps to reinforce behavioral and cultural norms
  3. It helps to plan and ready your workforce for the future business direction
  4. It helps to develop your team

Yet....he asks the pointed question:

"If it serves so many functions, why is it often such a de-energizing and negative process?"

My assessment?

BOTTOMLINE: Because most organizations do not institutionalize a systematic and practical method of executing the performance appraisal/review/people management process. Most organizations view the performance appraisal process as an afterthought, a necessary evil.

A key component of the Discipline III. Work the Plan, (a key aspect of the Six Disciplines Methodology) focuses on the best practices of people performance management, using the Individual Plan (IP) as the central planning and execution tool.

Simply put, when each Team Member develops their own IP for the coming quarter, and it is agreed upon with their Team Leader (meaning it is aligned with organizational goals), and the two spend 20 minutes each week to review status, looking for areas of completion and risk -- then the entire performance appraisal/review process becomes routine, automatic and no surprises.

The Six Disciplines Business System makes this IP status process practical - since you use it daily, just like you use Microsoft Outlook for email, calendaring, contacts, etc.

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