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Friday, December 08, 2006

Extending Entrepreneurial Passion

This article in BusinessWeek, "Rekindling Entrepreneurial Passion," asks the tough question:

"How can someone who had to give up a much-loved business conjure up the necessary enthusiasm for a new venture?"

The premise?

  • Believe in your mission. Owning a business is all about passion. Your enthusiasm for selling something is contagious. Entrepreneurship in itself is a fascinating, interesting, and -- one hopes -- profitable undertaking. So, try on the mindset that passion comes not from external events or circumstances but rather from a desire to meet a need in the marketplace, serve your customers well, and succeed both personally and financially.
  • Talk to peers. Sit down with some fellow business owners and seek counsel about how to successfully grow the new business. Rather than consulting with experts like attorneys or CPAs, seek out peers who have thriving companies and seem happy about what they do all day.
  • Make a difference. If you're in business primarily to serve your customers and make a contribution to their lives, then you can run any business with passion and dedication.

BOTTOMLINE: "Think about the profound difference you make in other peoples' lives and let go of your attachment to exactly what it is that you do. And if you're still not absolutely charged up about your current industry, remember that you don't have to stay in it forever. Build this business up, sell it, and find another industry that you prefer. If you're passionate about life -- and business -- in general, you won't have trouble doing just that."

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