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Monday, December 04, 2006

Common Sense Is Not So Common

Rob May over at BusinessPundit reviews a book by Emmanuel Gobillot's called, The Connected Leader.

In the book, Gobillot's offers his insight about common sense:

"Like you, I read business and leadership books. Probably like you, I am taken in by bold claims and disappointed once they turn out to be nothing more than 'common sense'. Most insights are common sense, mainly because, by the time we have heard them, they make so much sense that we think we have known them to be true all along!

In my experience, though, in organizations today common sense is not all that common. Many common-sense ideas contained in management books are seldom implemented. Therefore, my aim with this book is to translate the above proposition into something that you will see the value of and know how to implement."

BOTTOMLINE: Most business books don't offer much more than common sense. People who read Six Disciplines for Excellence often say "This was a great book - but it's nothing more than common sense!" Then, why is it not so common that what is common sense, is actually implemented - or executed???

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