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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Delivering Performance Management Solutions

In a summarization from an article called: "Delivering Performance Management Solutions,"

"We all know in our hearts that Performance Management is not about software.

It is about organizational culture. And culture is all about beliefs and values, knowledge, attitudes of mind, customs, rituals, and artefacts. In the organisational context it includes leadership styles, company heroes, founders, and folklore. It considers such elements as the treatment of people, ethics and integrity, customer focus, innovation, and unwritten ways of working and behaving.

Complex stuff.

There is no such thing as a piece of software that fits this requirement like a glove.

Software is now moving beyond the boundaries of feature, function, and form. It is becoming a living breathing organic entity that melds to user needs and takes into consideration a complex set of human and organisation characteristics. It is up to the vendors to architect unique finely-tuned and people-sensitive performance management solutions that will be a source of sustainable competitive advantage for their customers."

Because for sure, the software alone will not deliver these benefits.

BOTTOMLINE: For the Execution Revolution to begin, the performance management solution must address the key barriers of expertise, economics and human factors. It must also include the requirements of a best-practices methodology, an activity management system (software), accountability coaching to address the human factors, and a shared learning community.

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