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Friday, December 08, 2006

Video: Discipline V. Innovate Purposefully

Innovation is just another name for problem-solving, and everyone in the organization has the ability to solve problems.

Discipline V. Innovate Purposefully is unlike the other disciplines in that it provides tools and principles that are used throughout all the other Disciplines to help people set clear goals. These goals will align with company priorities, and then employees will use their innate creativity to meet or beat those goals.

Empowering principles such as Embracing Constraints and Taking Informed Risks, plus easy-to-use tools like the 100-Point Exercise and 5-Step Problem Solving are just a few examples of the practical exercises included in Discipline V. Innovate Purposefully.

Watch this streaming video of Gary Harpst, CEO and Founder of Six Disciplines Corporation, as he describes Discipline V. Innovate Purposefully.

(NOTE: Video is in Windows Media Format )

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