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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What Is Six Disciplines?

Often times, we're asked "Exactly, what IS Six Disciplines?"

Six Disciplines is many different things:

  • It is a "business-building" methodology that integrates the best practices of strategic planning, quality management, integrated learning, business process automation, people performance manangement and measure-driven improvement.
  • It is an integrated organizational learning system that focuses on strategy, planning, measurement, execution, learning and leadership
  • It is a systematic way for an organization to learn how to set, and more importantly, to execute strategy.
  • It is a practical way for organizations to use software on a daily basis that helps them to execute strategy.
  • It is a repeatable, cyclical approach to continual business process improvement.
  • It is a holistic way for an organization to transform itself into one that can predictably perform.
  • It is an unobtrusive way for an organization to continually improve - takes only 4% of an organization's time.
  • It is a transformational way to eliminate bad habits and incorporate new best practices.
  • It is optimized for use over the Internet.
  • It is specifically designed for use by small and emerging organizations.
  • It is a continuous way to have your organization become more accountable.
  • It is a pervasive way for your organization to learn to communicate more clearly.

Here are two more video clips from author, CEO and Founder of Six Disciplines Corporation -- Gary Harpst:

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