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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Next Entrepreneurial Wave

According to a Business 2.0 magazine article entitled "Building The Next Google," "It's a terrific time to be an entrepreneur. "

Here’s how you can create your own world-changing company.

Early On:
  1. Start Small
  2. Look for Angels
  3. Embrace Open-Source
  4. Use Off-the-Shelf Equipment
  5. Launch Early, Launch Often

Financing The Business:

  1. Bootstrap as Long as You Can
  2. But Know When to Tap the Venture Community
  3. ...Don’t Wait Too Long to Ask for More Money
  4. Think Beyond the Terms

Managing Growth

  1. Hire Smart
  2. Sell It Yourself
  3. Spread the Wealth
  4. Bring In the Big Guns
  5. Know When to Step Aside

Read the entire article here.

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