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Monday, April 23, 2007

Small Business Trends Showcases The Two-Word Strategy

Anita Campbell, editor over at Small Business Trends, (and host of Small Business Trends Radio) showcases an interview with Six Disciplines' CEO and founder Gary Harpst, in her post Using a Two-Word Strategy to Get Employees on the Same Page.

Anita's interview asks Harpst:

  • What are some examples of famous two-word strategy statements?
  • Some people might suggest those are brand taglines. Why do you think they are more? What’s the value?
  • A business needs more of a strategy than just two words, correct?
  • How would you suggest entrepreneurs and business owners use the two-word strategy statement in their strategic planning? What’s the process?
  • Could you give us some examples of two-word strategy statements that might be applicable to small businesses in the following industries (just to prime the pump and get the thinking going)
  • What if you’ve tried and can’t come up with a two-word statement. Does that mean your business lacks focus and that your organization will be off track? What do you do?

BOTTOMLINE: Check out the answers to these questions about the two-word strategy exercise.

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