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Friday, April 13, 2007

Zane's Review of Six Disciplines for Excellence: Part I

Zane Safrit, the CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited, is one of those high-energy people with a positive attitude - and a PASSION for life to match.

What he's done at CCU is amazing. Here's the 411:

"18 months ago Conference Calls Unlimited ceased investing in traditional advertising. Truth be known, it wasn’t an investment. It was a donation. And the ROI was that of a donation: A thank-you note, a towel and a jar of jelly-beans. We directed that budget to our customers’ experience and incentivizing our staff. It works. Customer churn is less than 1%. Close-ratio is over 75%. Profits tripled."

In addition to his personal blog, he also writes marketing entries here.

As you can tell from his entries, he's an incredibly sharp person - with a wide variety of interests (in particular - health care, sports -- and great taste in music as well!).

BOTTOMLINE: Zane is in the process of reading "Six Disciplines for Excellence" - his initial review can be read on his blog - here. Zane - any new insights??

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