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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Salute to a Successful Small Business CEO

If you're a regular Be Excellent reader, you'll notice that I've mentioned before a fellow blogger by the name of Zane Safrit, the CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited.

He's one of those high-energy people with a genuine, positive attitude - and a PASSION for knowledge, business - and life -- to match. And, he extends that passion throughout the rest of his organization!

In addition to his personal blog, he also writes some great marketing entries here.

Together, we're working on a collaborative plan to bring you new content and practical advice for continual business improvement (look for it coming soon...)

BOTTOMLINE: (And not-so-shameless plug....) If you have needs for phone conferencing, web conferencing, podcasts or videocasts - there's only one place to go: Conference Calls Unlimited.

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