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Monday, April 16, 2007

Organizational Learning and Continual Improvement

Organizational learning happens when you are proactive about learning and improving instead of just letting it happen. You can accelerate your internal capabilities, expand insight and experience startling advances in your thinking - and in your organization's ability to do the same.

Effective learning needs to be conscious vs. unconscious, active not reactive. It must be something we actively do, not just "let it happen". If learning ability is not conscious, it can't be improved. It just becomes "another habit" without effective application to the circumstances in our business lives. do we become better learners, and subsequently, good change masters within our organizations?

The answer is simple. Become an active, conscious learner on a daily basis reviewing your Individual Plan (or log of your most important projects, tasks and initiatives.)

BOTTOMLINE: Set aside time daily to consciously learn from your experiences. You will discover a little-known secret that will put you on a course to life-long, continuous learning and improvement. You will be more able to focus, understand processes, eliminate non-productive habits, become more predictable - and more disciplined in your approach.

The end result? More confidence, more clarity, more accomplishment. What's wrong with that??

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