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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Destructive Habits of Good Companies - Part II

GM. Ford. AT&T. Sears. Firestone. Krispy Kreme. Digital. Kodak. Once, they were riding high, the exemplars of business excellence. Then, disaster.

Is your company headed for the same fate? How do you know? How do you change course?

Uncover your self-destructive habits before they destroy you

In his upcoming new book "Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies" author Jagdish N. Sheth identifies seven dangerous habits even well-run companies fall victim to–and helps you diagnose and break these habits before they destroy you.

The destructive habits include:

  • The “cocoon” of denial (Find it, admit it, assess it, and escape it)
  • The stigma of arrogance (Escape this fault that “breeds in a dark, closed room”)
  • The virus of complacency (Six warning signs and five solutions)
  • The curse of incumbency (Stop your core competencies from blinding you to new opportunities)
  • The threat of myopia (Widen your view of your competitors–and the dangers they pose
  • The obsession of volume (Get beyond “rising volumes and shrinking margins”)
  • The territorial impulse (Break down the silos, factions, fiefdoms, and ivory towers)

Download Chapter 1 from this book here.

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