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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Making Organizational Change Sustainable

Do you Have What It Takes To Create a Change-capable Organization?

Organizational survival requires rapid adaptation to a changing environment. If survival is at stake, why is it so hard for us to implement change -- and have it stick?

Why is there such a lag in our response to environmental changes? For more than twenty years the Pia Group has been studying organizations to find the answers to these questions and to identify successful paradigms for creating and leading change-capable organizations.

Unsurprisingly, successful lasting change is a rarity.

Here they list 12 requirements for lasting organizational change. The requirements include:
  1. A clear vision of your purpose and goal
  2. Flexible thinking
  3. Involvement and commitment
  4. An empowering culture
  5. Recognition of the human aspects of change
  6. Antidotes to fear
  7. Action – avoid paralysis by analysis and get started!
  8. Effective communication
  9. Talent management
  10. Positive reinforcement
  11. Meaningful metrics
  12. Passion for the change

BOTTOMLINE: When you read Six Disciplines for Excellence, you'll notice many, many similarities. Parallel genius? Perhaps. The Six Disciplines Methodology was developed based on the best practices of many different business disciplines - including strategic planning, quality management, business process automation, people performance management, measure-driven improvement - and organizational learning/organizational change.

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