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Thursday, August 17, 2006

15 Warning Signs of A Company's Failing Reputation

From the folks at, comes this free 35-page e-book download "Cures for The Company Blues: 15 Early Warning Signs of A Company's Failing Reputation."

The early warning signs?

  1. There is low employee morale
  2. Internal politics are more important than doing the job well
  3. Top executives depart
  4. CEO celebrity displaces CEO credibility
  5. Employees speak of customers as nuisances
  6. Employees stop telling positive stories about the company
  7. Leaders stifle initiative
  8. Leaders talk about growth but focus on cost-cutting
  9. Bureaucratic procedures impede flexibilit
  10. There is a tendency toward superficiality
  11. Problem-makers outnumber problem-solvers
  12. Internal documents leak
  13. There are few rewards and recognition
  14. Management spends more time inside than outside headquarters
  15. Employees spend too much time writing internal memos

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