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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Formal Definitions of Leadership

From LeadingToday.Org comes this article on Formal Definitions of Leadership.

Their premise?

Leadership is a term which is hard to define. Because of this ambiguity it is also often misdefined and abused. The modern media is usually guilty of labeling the term "leadership" on any individual or group that controls, commands others or maintains positions of power. To help us define leadership, it may be helpful to remember what Warren Bennis wrote almost 50 years ago…

"Always, it seems, the concept of leadership eludes us or turns up in another form to taunt us again with its slipperiness and complexity. So we have invented an endless proliferation of terms to deal with it . . . and still the concept is not sufficiently defined."

Sadly, what was written by Warren Bennis in 1959 is still as applicable today as ever.

BOTTOMLINE: There is no single phrase or definition that incorporates all the traits or qualities of effective leadership. Yet, by examining these diverse definitions we can come to a better understanding of what leadership is, and how it influences others.

Some excellent definitions of leadership are reviewed here!

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