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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Five Actions for Organizational Change

Hal, over at Reforming Project Management, posts this entry on Five Necessary Actions for Organizational Change

  1. Be clear why change is necessary in terms that make sense to the individuals.
  2. Declare an initial set of standards for measuring performance and get agreement that people will set out to perform to those standards.
  3. Show how it is done.
  4. Measure, acknowledge, reward new behavior, and be clear on the consequences.
  5. Work with them on improving.
(This posting was abstracted from Lean Project Consulting's special report: Five Necessary Actions for Organizational Change, by Hal Macomber and Gregory Howell. You can get a complete copy by sending an email to You'll get a link to a 2-page PDF which you are welcome to share with your colleagues.)

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