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Monday, August 21, 2006

Organizing To Execute

"Thankfully, organizational DNA can be changed or modified, a distinct advantage when the behavior of certain managers, for example, throws programs or goals off the rails. But like human DNA, the organizational variety has building blocks.

The latter, however, can be changed by manipulating and modifying those blocks. These authors explain how it can be done."

BOTTOMLINE: "Any attempt to address a business weakness or strategic opportunity must explicitly address the underlying organizational reasons the current strategy is not working.
The attempt cannot begin, as many traditional approaches do, with the conclusion that the problem lies in the strategy itself or the culture of the company.

While culture plays an important role in organizational performance, it is an outcome of the organizational system, not an input. Adjust the building blocks, and you change the system. Change the system, and you change the culture. Change the culture and you unlock strategy by enabling execution."

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