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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Change Options

Steve Rucinski, over at Small Business CEO, offers this insightful entry on "Change: Get Better or Get Worse – That’s It For Options."

His premise?

  • People and organizations have only two alternatives: get better or get worse, improve or decay.
  • Our choice is to manage this process and improve the things that can be improved, or ignore the process and decay. This idea is a key element in the concept of life long learning.
  • The question for us as individuals, and for organizations, is how to keep on the growth, innovation and improvement upward vector. It can be done, but it takes positive, continuous action and energy.
  • In almost all of these tasks, the required decision-making leads to changes. Therefore, change is what we are actually managing.
  • The point is the blanket comment; “I don’t like change” is untrue. We generally like changes that affect us positively and tend to resist changes that affect us in a negative way.

BOTTOMLINE: "We are on the threshold of an entirely new way of thinking about change. Soon, there will be a generation that will resist the lack of change. Are we ready to manage people who think that way? The challenge is to proactively manage change. Become the change agent and you are shaping the future."

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