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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Be Excellent™ Named A Top Blog for Entrepreneurs

Scott Allen, over at About Entrepreneurs posts his list of the Top Blogs for Entrepreneurs.

"Here are some of the best blogs with information to help entepreneurs succeed. These cover a wide range of topics and were selected for their relevance, quality, timeliness and consistency (very important in a blog). If you are only going to read a few blogs about entrepreneurship, this is where to start."

Humbly, Be Excellent™ is included on the list.

"Skip Reardon and the folks at Six Disciplines Corporation offer up an insightful mix of original content and commentary on leadership, strategy and personal development. I particular like the frequent "Bottom Line" comments which cull out the key points from the articles and news stories they coment on. Nice, concise reading."

Check out all of the Top Blogs for Entrepreneurs here.

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