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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Motivating Team Members

From Entrepreneur Magazine comes this article on Motivating Your Burned-Out Employees .

If you have employees who've held the same job for some time, it's quite likely they're bored and their job performance is below par.

Frederick Herzberg, author of The Motivation to Work, said that employees can best be motivated by three techniques: job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment.

  • Job rotation involves cross training employees, or teaching employees each other's jobs.
  • Job enlargement involves giving a wider breadth of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Job enrichment involves increasing the depth of your employee's responsibilities, not by increasing the number of tasks -- but by increasing the complexity of the tasks.

BOTTOMLINE: One of the most basic elements of improving performance is understanding what needs to be done, and how it ties to the organization's strategy and goals. Key to this understanding is the simple, yet very powerful tool called the Individual Plan, as described in Discipline IV. Work The Plan.

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