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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Effectiveness Can Be Learned

According to Rob May, Peter Drucker's The Effective Executive offers ideas that are useful to almost anyone, particularly entrepreneurs.

Be warned that they are not easy things to implement, and require lots of practice and discipline, but all that hard work is exactly why you end up a more effective entrepreneur.

Drucker's premise?

  1. Know Thy Time
  2. Focus on Contribution
  3. Make Strength Productive
  4. First Things First
  5. Make Good Decisions

And the 6th?

6. Effectiveness Can Be Learned

"Effectiveness, in other words, is a habit; that is, a complex of practices. And practices can always be learned. Practices are simple, deceptively so; even a seven-year-old has no difficulty in understanding a practice. But practices are always exceedingly hard to do well."

BOTTOMLINE: "Drucker said there is nothing worse than doing something well that shouldn't be done at all. Be effective, and get the right things done."

(Tip of the hat to Rob May, the BusinessPundit for this one!)

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