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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Makes Six Disciplines Work?

There are many business improvement methods out there. What we don't really need is YAGI (yet another great idea.)

But if you've been following our blog, you'll understand that the reasons most businesses fail is not strategy - it's execution.

More to the point: Knowing what to do isn't the problem - doing it is!

The Six Disciplines program is specifically designed and optimized for strategy-driven execution.

When diligently and consistently applied (with the help provided by Six Disciplines Leadership Centers), the Six Disciplines program will help organizations go beyond efficiency - and beyond effectiveness - to achieve lasting excellence.

The design requirements behind the Six Disciplines Methodology are:

  1. Make it easier than alternatives
  2. Think holistically about the business
  3. Be process-driven
  4. Establish business habits
  5. Promote life-long learning
  6. Instill constructive accountability
  7. Build a measurement culture.
  8. Encourage effective communication
  9. Leverage the Internet
  10. Proactively pursue alignment

BOTTOMLINE: It you've read Good to Great, E-Myth and others - and were left hungry for more - not how why companies can become excellent, but HOW they can be come that way, it's time to read Six Disciplines for Excellence.

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