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Thursday, August 03, 2006

QLog Reviews Six Disciplines for Excellence

Thom Quinn, over at the QLog, offers his review of Six Disciplines for Excellence.

Some excerpts:

"The Six Disciplines for Excellence: Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last by Gary Harpst is a different and much needed animal for several reasons. First, it was written specifically for smaller shops (including local non-profits) which intrinsically have fewer resources. Second, this book provides a very systematic approach for a company to follow in order to achieve all of its objectives. Third, it is based on real-world experience (vs. theory from a B-School Professor) as the author was CEO of Solomon (now part of Microsoft) and this company was a test bed for the ideas in the book."

"Unlike most business books which focus on a few techniques, The Six Disciplines provides a true recipe for success."

"I highly recommend this short, but very dense volume. A lot of valuable ideas are found here! The Six Disciplines can be used as a guide book for any small enterprise as the majority of the text is a ‘how to’ manual with very clear instructions."

BOTTOMLINE: Go read the entire review here, and check out the rest of Thom's very insightful blog!

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