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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Signs of Change Fatigue

Any change initiative, whether one with a specific focus or comprehensive organizational change, will reach a point when it stalls - a leader's will starts to sag and the minions, employees, start to tune out.

Mastering how to make mid-course adjustments will give new life and momentum to these change initiatives.

In this article, Eric Beaudan, a Principal with Healthy Companies International, a consulting firm based in Washington DC., describes how leaders can make those key midcourse adjustments.

Here are 6 Signs of Change Fatigue within Organizations:

  1. Outsiders increasingly question the value/objectives of the change effort
  2. Change effort leaders/coordinators are stressed out and/or leaving
  3. Reluctance to share or comment on data about the effort
  4. Budget and resources are diverted to other strategic initiatives
  5. Customer impatience with duration of change effort
  6. Key leaders not attending progress reviews
BOTTOMLINE: "All change runs into resistance. All change involves a shift of the
organization's power structure. Individuals who support change at the beginning may become neutral, passive or active resisters over time."

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