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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baby-Boomer Transitions

IBM recently announced new consulting services to help organizations prepare for the potential loss of highly valued skills and knowledge as the baby boom generation reaches traditional retirement age.

These new consulting services are being launched at a time when workforces around the world are aging. For example

  • In the European Union, the number of older workers (50-64 years) will grow 25%, while younger workers (20-29 years) will decrease by 20% over the next two decades.
  • In the United States, by 2010, the number of workers between ages 45-54 will grow by 21%, the number of 55-64 year-olds will expand by 52%, and the number of 35-44 year olds will decline by 10%.

BOTTOMLINE: As these workers become eligible for retirement, organizations risk losing major skill sets and their competitive advantage in the global economy. IBM's services will enable companies to better manage workforce skill sets, enhance mature-workers' productivity and job opportunities and fill the gap retirees will leave by developing new business processes based on open standards, changing the nature of work for many groups as a result.

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