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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Excellence of Purpose

Fortune Magazine published their "The 25 People We Envy Most" list.

Most intriguing was their inclusion of Rick Warren, pastor and best-selling author of "A Purpose-Driven Life".

Their take on Warren:

"Look, if anyone is going to heaven, it's this guy. Saddleback Church, which he founded in his living room in 1980, is now a 120-acre campus with an average weekend attendance of 21,000. His book The Purpose-Driven Life has sold over 25 million copies and is among the bestselling nonfiction hardcovers in U.S. history. Apart from the Rolling Stones, not many middle-aged white guys can fill a stadium with adoring fans, but Warren can, and his are actually sober. The most influential evangelical since Billy Graham preaches in Hawaiian shirts and sandals. As if that weren't enough: Warren gives away 90% of his income. And he'll never wake up wondering if his job has meaning."

BOTTOMLINE: Understand your purpose...make a others understand their it as well as you can. Repeat as necessary.

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