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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Leadership Development for High Potential Team Members

This one from Chief Learning Officer:

High-potential employees (HIPOs) are characterized by a fast rate of movement through various roles in a company and a carefully monitored career path. As the future leaders of their organizations, HIPOs embody passion, receive special coaching and mentoring, move quickly into new positions, and are expected to deliver superior performance.

A recent Corporate Leadership Council survey found that approximately 75 percent of companies worldwide are not confident in their ability to effectively staff leadership positions over the next five years. Moreover, only 34 percent of companies are effective at identifying capable leaders early in their career.

Companies that identify and develop HIPOs are showing dramatic shareholder returns. According to a recent Hewitt Associates study surveying large U.S. companies, just over half consistently use a formal approach to identifying HIPOs, and those that do, perform in the 75th percentile or higher for total shareholder return (TSR). The heightened results and shareholder returns increase even further when these organizations go on to formally develop and track the performance of their HIPOs.

Who ever said being called a HIPO was a bad thing??

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