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Monday, October 31, 2005

On Attitudes and Enthusiasm

Jeffrey Phillips, over at Thinking Faster, offers his perspective on Contagious Attitude.

His premise:

"One person with a positive attitude and optimism about where our strategy can make a real difference. A positive attitude can be contagious and spread to others. Positive attitudes and outlooks correspond to greater productivity, efficiency and innovation. This one's a no brainer."

"One solid reason for being skeptical of inspirational posters on the wall and management slogans is that they often espouse something and management actions often contradict those messages. For true positive attitudes, the management team must walk the talk. Be excited about the company and it's future, help others to see the same vision and constantly reinforce the values and goals. Real excitement and commitment will filter down."

BOTTOMLINE: Nothing wrong with Successories - don't just talk about it - live it. (Or you could just chuck it all, and have a little fun over here at )

OK...back to work!!

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