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Monday, October 24, 2005

Business Scorecards and Business Intelligence

Microsoft is getting ready to launch on November 1 a new product called Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005.

The new product "enables users to optimize business performance through strategic decision-making."

The notion of "business intelligence," or easy access to critical company data, is one of the key areas for improvement that Microsoft has identified for the next version of Office. Executives at Microsoft say all of the improvements are designed to broaden the number of workers who have access to the needed numbers to understand their business.

"Until now, Business Intelligence software has been too complex, costly, and disconnected from the software tools people use every day to do their jobs," Jeff Raikes, Microsoft Business Division president, said in a statement.

The Business Scorecard Manager will cost $5,000 for the server software plus a $175 fee for each user that connects to the server.

BOTTOMLINE: Enabling users to optimize business performance through strategic decision-making is a very worth goal. But what about small businesses? The Six Disciplines Business System is optimized for small business execution - integrating your mission, vision, values, strategic position, organizational goals - and aligning them with team member individual plans. (...and if you're interested in "what's under the hood", we developed Six Disciplines using Microsoft technologies -- including the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server and OLAP Services.)

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