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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Transforming The Annual Performance Review Process

With Q3 over, I've heard lots of people talking about the "dreaded" Q3 review.

There is a way to transform the process.

Taking time now to note the accomplishments and problems of each person who reports to you will save time later. Instead of starting from scratch in January when you have to write a year-long review, you'll have your Q3 summary ready for cutting and pasting.

BOTTOMLINE: If you make weekly performance reviews a habit, your quarterly reviews will be a snap. With quarterly reviews in hand, your annual performance review writing session will be a snap instead of a long, drawn out ordeal.

With the Six Disciplines People Suite, each team member's Individual Plans are updated and reviewed each week (no more than 30 minutes), making the Quarterly Review seamless, and the Annual Review - automatically documented.

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