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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Reasons To Be Glad You're An Entrepreneur

Inc. Magazine just published their collaborative list of "75 Reasons to Be Glad You're an American Entrepreneur Right Now".

Some of my favorites:

Number 64: Make it simple, and I'll pay you for it. Simple requires a breakthrough. Simple is entrepreneurial work.
Number 32: Because this time, experience counts.
Number 27: The broadbanded, Wi-Fied, video-enabled, international-boundary-eradicating, cost-reducing, market-expanding, ever-stereophonic, and cyber-educating Internet.
Number 15: Because you can build a team, your team, at a time when creating communities that nurture and sustain us may be more important than ever before.
Number 11: Because we're not rookies anymore. In 25 years of entrepreneurial expansion there have been experiments tried, experiences learned from, discoveries made, and notes taken.
Number 2: Because the stupidity is over. So the real miracle--building a real business--gets respect.

And now, the best:

Number 75: Because, in the end, being an entrepreneur is more than ever the way you can choose your path and find the deep satisfaction of walking it. You can earn your days without being beholden. You can make something, affect the world, leave something behind where once nothing stood. You can turn work into meaning for yourself and for others. You can be proud. You can leave a wake. Come good or ill, you can assume responsibility for yourself, and be whole, and be who you were meant to be.

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