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Friday, October 07, 2005

The E's Have It

Mike R. Jay, Master Business Coach, published an article in his Leadership blog about the E's.

For Jack Welch at GE, here were his 4 E's:
  1. Positive ENERGY
  2. The ability to ENERGIZE others
  3. The 'EDGE that enables managers to take unpopular decisions
  4. The ability to EXECUTE decisions

For Bill Gates at Microsoft, here were his 5 E's:

  1. EMPOWER people to undertake tasks for which they are competent and to see those tasks through from start to finish.
  2. Adopt an EGALITARIAN attitude towards everybody, and insist that they do likewise.
  3. Place an extraordinary EMPHASIS on performance, first making clear precisely what is expected.
  4. Use E-MAIL to send and receive messages to and from anybody, maintain continuous, open, constructive debate on issues of interest importance.
  5. ENRICH people with rewards for success, using not only financial rewards but also praise and recognition.

Anyone have any additional E's?

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