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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Teleworkers - And The Pursuit Of Excellence

This just in from our friends in the U.K.: the number of people working full-time from home in Britain has more than doubled in eight years to almost 2.5 million.

The rapid rise in what are called "teleworkers" saw them accounting for 2.4 million people in spring 2005, some eight per cent of the UK workforce and double the figure in 1997. Most of these – 1.8 million in 2005 – work in different locations using their home as a base, whereas 603,000 work mainly at home.

Last month's Broadband User Survey from research firm Point Topic found that almost 5.5 million Britons now spend some or all of their week working remotely from home

BOTTOMLINE: Given the right tools and technologies, proper direction, individual planning and measures - why "wouldn't" more workers use remote connectivity (regardess of where they are....) to execute their Individual Plans? (He says, as he blogs from home...)

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