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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Change, Coaching and Sustainability

“Employee loyalty is definitely at the forefront of many organizations discussions,” said Charles Orlando, director of marketing at Ninth House, a provider of learning and development solutions for employees at all levels of an organization.

Their key findings:

"We believe coaching is twofold,” he said “One part of it has to do with a combination of formal coaching and/or mentoring by an expert, a manager, etc. The real question for this type of coaching is how information, once learned, is sustained. In order to sustain that, those same methodologies need to be offered on a continuous basis after the event has taken place, whether it is more coaching, online learning or whatever it may be, so it can be sustained.”

BOTTOMLINE: Changing habits and behaviors takes time, and typically is very hard to do "if left alone" to happen by itself. That's where coaching comes in. Typically, this means someone from the outside who focuses on the benefits of change, continually reinforcing the results of change, and works to make it continually better over time - to make it sustainable. (That's what Six Disciplines Leadership Centers do - it's where organizations come to learn to Be Excellent.)

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