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Monday, September 25, 2006

Goal Setting and Execution - Two Different Things

With all the talk about employer branding, employee engagement, communications and change management, and for all the money organizations spend on implementing technology, process and workflow, it still doesnt seem like things are clicking on all cylinders.

In SuccessFactor's recent survey, here are some interesting (and not always positive) findings:

  • 35% do not have/do not know if there is a formal method for setting goals and objectives in their organization
  • 58% face challenges tracking employee and department progress against goals
  • 54% face challenges aligning employee goals with corporate strategy
  • 47% face challenges giving employees visibility into management and corporate goals

BOTTOMLINE: "Provide a mechanism that enables all employees to have insight into corporate goals and objectives, which should in turn, be cascaded throughout an organization. Develop a tracking system that easily measures how both the company and employees’ goals and objectives are matching against those that were set and projected." (Sounds like they've looked at....Six Disciplines

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