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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Step I-B: Renew Values

Each discipline in the Six Disciplines Methodology consists of a number of individual steps.Within the Six Disciplines, there are 31 steps.

Beginning with Discipline I - Decide What's Important, let's cover Step I-B, Renew Values.

  • Whereas mission statements answer the question of "why" an organization existing, values speak to the character or personality of the organization. Shared values should be as enduring as your mission, and are just as important - if not more so.
  • Values should be based on what is already important to you - not on what you wish was important to you. Your values have to be based on integrity, passion and conviction.
  • Keep the list of values between 3 and 5. Any more than that, and you'll lose focus.

BOTTOMLINE: Instilling values is a matter of talking the talk and walking the walk. People must both understand what the values are and mean, AND see how they're applied in everyday decisions and interactions in your company.

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