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Friday, September 29, 2006

Entreprenuership Alive And Well

According to the new report from BusinessWeek, entrepreneurship is alive and well within college and university programs these days.

  • Some 2,100 schools now offer coursework in entrepreneurship, up from just 380 in 1990,
  • Nearly 500 of them offer entrepreneurship concentrations or degrees.
  • About 400,000 undergraduate and graduate students took at least one entrepreneurship course in the past academic year, compared with possibly 24,000 10 years ago.
  • At the Wharton School, the most popular double major among MBAs for three of the last four years has been finance and entrepreneurship.

The goal of these programs are to offer instruction in the basic block-and-tackle skills of business, and to equip students with some insight into the world of new ventures.

That insight, on most campuses, comes from a mix of academics and experienced entrepreneurs.

BOTTOMLINE: Rather than the traditional classroom academic studies, these new programs focus on strategy, planning, organization, execution, measurement and leadership.

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