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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Resistance To Change

George Ambler, over at The Practice of Leadership, brings us these powerful insights from his readings on why we resist change - and what to do about it.

On the subject of change:

  • The need for change in how we think, behave and relate as organisations and individuals has never been greater.
  • There is a great need for leaders who are capable of leading organizational change.
  • The results to date have been dismal, research from Harvard Business Review indicates that as much as 70% of all organizational change programs fail.

Richard Beckhard describes "The Paradigm Shift Mode," a model (see formula above) for what is required to bring about change in an organization or in individuals.

BOTTOMLINE: "The discrepancy between what you now have and the results you want to create in the future creates a structural tension that seeks resolution. In creating the tension it’s necessary to hold the vision and not lower your standards and face reality as it is, any biased view of reality makes the tension difficult to form or maintain."

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