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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Identifying Areas For Performance Improvement

Based on a recent nationwide survey by NFI Research:

  • When it comes to dealing with weaknesses in others (inability to perform required tasks, poor time management, procrastination, late projects,) 91% of executives and managers discuss the weakness.
  • Only 12%of senior executives and managers say their actions ultimately meet their requirements/expectations extremely well.

“Interestingly, almost all business leaders agree that discussing the weakness is the proper course of action, but nothing seems to work very well to make the subordinate meet the expectations of the manager," said Chuck Martin, CEO of NFI Research.

The top three ways senior executives and managers deal with weaknesses of others are discussing the weakness (91%), provide additional training (71%) and support the employee (59%).

BOTTOMLINE: Establishing organizational accountability, where all team members understand the what they are responsible for, what the expectations are for performance, how to monitor progress and how to work toward self-management, is the key to top people performance management.

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