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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Is Small Business A Noble Calling?

Rob, at the BusinessPundit, reposts this Duct Tape Marketing entry "Small Business Ownership : Is It a Noble Calling?"

Rob's take: "Business has tremendous impacts on society, and with power comes responsibility. One of the things I say in my chapter is, if you want to change the world, start a business. I believe finding profitable solutions to problems is one of the most noble things you can undertake."

BOTTOMLINE: "Most people will spend helf their waking hours at work. To a business leader who takes the risk of owning and building a business, this is both exciting and sobering. It's exciting because of the great opportunity to do something meaningful in the lives of other people. It's sobering because of the responsibility it implies, derived from the understanding that oftentimes a single decision may significantly affect the the lives of many others. Those who take this stewardship seriously truly are heroes!" (page 40, Six Disciplines for Excellence)

At Six Disciplines, our entire focus is on "small businesses." Our Methodology, Internet technologies and coaching provided by Six Disciplines Leadership Centers are designed and optimized for small businesses.

And this, from the Six Disciplines "Corporate Information" tab, (under Our Purpose) - "We believe that business is a noble calling. Behind our mission is the “bigger purpose” of having a positive impact on the people and communities in which we operate. Businesses enable professional and personal growth and provide the economic foundation to help others and ourselves."

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