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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Performance Management Survey Results

In a recent workforce performance survey from Watson Wyatt (based on a survey of 1,191 US workers from a broad cross-section of industries):

  • Approximately 90% of surveyed employees participate in a performance management program.
  • Only 30% of employees believe the program helps them improve their performance.
  • Less than 40% say the system establishes clear performance goals or generates honest feedback.
  • Only 39% of employees see the connection between their day-to-day work and company goals.
  • Only 54% of workers think their companies set high performance standards.
  • Only 44% feel that people are held accountable for their performance.
  • 20% say their companies help poorly performing employees improve.
  • 43% of employees feel they don’t get enough guidance to improve their performance.
  • Only 38% of employees say that their company uses technology to streamline the performance management process.

BOTTOMLINE: The highlighted survey results above tell the story: Existing performance management programs are "missing the boat" because:

  • Lack of connection betweeen day-to-day activities and goals (Discipline II - Set Goals That Lead, Discipline III - Align Systems, Discipline IV - Work The Plan)
  • Lack of accountability (Discipline IV - Work The Plan)

Using technology to help streamline the performance management process helps (Six Disciplines Business System) - but it is the ongoing coaching and strategic advisory services that keep individuals accountable, and organizational aligned.

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