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Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Performance Feedback Is Crucial

According to this article from NFIB:

"Good management is not only the gift of identifying talent, but the art of selective recognition of strengths and weaknesses, and the proper encouragement of the best in any man or woman."

One interesting stat:

  • The well-known "80/20 Rule," can be applied to problem employees and employee problems. It says that 20 percent of a group's employees are responsible for 80 percent of the problems. As a result, the troublesome 20 percent command most of the manager's attention and attract the most feedback on both performance and behavior, while the non-troublesome 80 percent chug along with no one paying much attention to them.
BOTTOMLINE: Although not always recognized as such, performance feedback is an important responsibility of those who manage the work of others. Performance feedback is essential for reinforcing appropriate performance and sustaining motivation. Since most formal evaluations happen only once or twice each year, and a great deal can happen between formal evaluations, we recommend an Individual Plan process, (Discipline IV. Work The Plan) where progress is maintained weekly, monitored weekly, and measured quarterly.

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