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Friday, September 08, 2006

High Performance Organizational Cultures

George Ambler, over at The Practice of Leadership posts about five key values that support high performing cultures of companies.

The five values:

  1. Openness and candor. Candor involves more people, results in speedier decisions, and more meaningful conversations.
  2. Collaboration. It’s easy to talk about teamwork but difficult to achieve. You have to rise above it
  3. Common shared goals. A good mission and compelling vision are the “hard strategy” elements that can motivate people to work together.
  4. Involvement. Getting the different perspectives of everyone on the management team leads to a better mission statement and strategy .
  5. Feedback. Feedback is formalized candor. It compares performance to plan. Feedback is essential for the continuous improvement of both people and businesses.

BOTTOMLINE: These attributes are directly related to high performance. Your culture -- and the mission, vision, values and behaviors that produce it -- must be unique to your company. How are you doing in your leadership role, relative to candor, collaboration, shared goals, involvement and feedback?

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