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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Success Requires Support

Jacob, over at SuccessMinders, recently posted a great entry on "Success Requires Support."

His assertion?

"Recently I was talking with my wife about this web site; asking her thoughts about it. She told me that she thought the articles were good, but she didn’t see anywhere on the site where I mentioned her. Why wasn’t she one of my passions? I have to admit I was taken aback - how could my wife think she wasn’t one of my passions?"

His plan?

Every day do the following for the people that support your success:
  • Encourage them
  • Challenge them
  • Excite them
  • Congratulate them
  • Help them
  • Praise them
  • Love them
  • Teach them
  • Learn from them
  • Support them
BOTTOMLINE: In life, as in business, make a habit out of keeping yourself aware of your need to support those that support you.

(Special thanks to JB for her continued inspiration - in all aspects of life)

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