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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Essentials for Organizational Growth

Ready to drive the growth of your small business?

In “Blueprint to a Billion”, David Thomson provides 7 essential components of a successful growth-focused organization.

  1. Create and Sustain a Breakthrough Value Proposition
  2. Exploit a High-Growth Market Segment
  3. Marquee Customers Shape the Revenue Powerhouse
  4. Leverage Big Brother Alliances for Breaking into New Markets
  5. Become the Masters of Exponential Returns
  6. The Management Team: Inside-Outside Leadership
  7. The Board: Made Up of Essentials Experts

BOTTOMLINE: Managing all seven essentials at the same time is the toughest challenge of all. The formula is: Organizational Growth=Focus on people and product X Drive for exploration and innovation X Ability to manage the seven essentials simultaneously.

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