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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How To Plan And Execute Strategy

Ah...if it was only this easy...

How to Plan and Execute Strategy: How To Implement Any Corporate Strategy Successfully

  1. Appreciate the benefits of strategic management
  2. Understand the logic of the process
  3. Assess your readiness
  4. Planning to plan and getting organized
  5. Define your businesses
  6. Assess your current situation
  7. Understand your business model
  8. Know your market
  9. Assess the competitive landscape and forces of change
  10. Understand your opportunities and threats
  11. Set feasible goals and objectives
  12. Create the strategies to achieve your objectives
  13. Identify and set priorities for the strategic initiatives
  14. Write your business plan
  15. Write your annual plan
  16. Get the right people
  17. Communicate the strategy and obtain commitment
  18. Establish alignment with structure, systems, and culture
  19. Integrate across functions
  20. Execute your strategy with discipline
  21. Monitor results, evaluate, and react
  22. Learn, change, and institutionalize

Sounds so ....simple, eh? Why it so hard?

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