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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Leadership Challenge and Change

Forget all the management-speak and buzz-words. The challenge of change in today's high-tech world demands a low-tech revolution in management – one based on commonsense.

The succinct, five-point Kouzes-Posner model can be used as a leadership tool. (NOTE: Each of these has correlations in Six Disciplines for Excellence, as indicated in italics below)

How does your business rate against the five criteria?

Does your leadership...

1) Model the Way? (being clear about personal values; setting an example and planning small wins) - Renew Values

2) Inspire a Shared Vision? (envisioning the future; getting the support of others) - Renew Vision

3) Challenge the Process? (looking for opportunities; experimenting and taking risks) - Innovate Purposefully

4) Enable Others to Act? (fostering collaboration; empowering others) - Engage The Team, Align People

5) Encourage the Heart? (acknowledging contributions; celebrating accomplishments) - Recognize Contribution

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