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Monday, October 16, 2006

11 Qualities of a Leader

In Learning To Lead (by Warren Bennis & Joan Goldsmith), the authors list these 11 qualities of a leader:

  1. Know themselves through reflection and self-observation (*pg. 20)
  2. Understand both their history and present environment (*pg. 32)
  3. Are clear about their values and goals (* pg. 68, 92)
  4. Are aware of and can apply their learning style to solving problems (* pg. 198)
  5. Are willing to be lifelong learners (*pg. 22)
  6. Can take risks and are open to change (* pg. 180)
  7. Are able to accept mistakes and failures as necessary precursors to creativity and problem solving (* pg. 186)
  8. Are skilled in creating a vision and seeing themselves and their lives as part of this vision (* pg. 77)
  9. Are able to communicate their vision with meaning so that others are inspired by it (* pg. 78)
  10. Are committed to maintaining trust through empathy, constancy, and integrity (* pg. 55, 250)
  11. Are skilled in translating intention into reality thorough committed action (execution) (* pg. 34)

BOTTOMLINE: Next to each are key page number references in "Six Disciplines for Excellence:Building Small Businesses That Learn, Lead and Last" that reinforce each of these 11 leadership qualities.

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